Posts, Poles & Rails

Posts, Poles & Rails

Roblin Forest Products poles are primarily spruce; pressure treated with Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA), a water based solution of high purity oxides. In the fixation process after treatment, the CCA preservative becomes bonded with the wood, where it remains for decades to protect the pole against rot, fungal decay and termite attack. Pressure treatment ensures the chemical penetration that can extend the service life of wood for 25 years or more.

The pressure treated fence posts come in lengths from 6 feet to 8 feet, with diameters from 2-3 inches to 7-8 inches. All sizes are measured from the tops or small end and in most cases the bottom will be approximately one inch larger for every eight feet in length

The 6 and 7 foot pressure treated fence post is pencil sharpened on one end and dome topped on the other for ease of pounding. The 8 foot treated fence post is square sharpened.

Tips for Fence Building

Fence posts act as the skeleton for your fencing system. They provide the structural integrity that keeps everything in place.

Corner posts do most of the work, so they should be strong, well buried, wooden posts. For short runs of less than a quarter mile (0.4 kilometer) a single corner post will probably be sufficient. Longer runs require the use of braced corner posts.

How to run a straight fence

First, place the corner posts at both ends of the run; second, run one wire and attach it between the corners. Now the wire will act as your guide for installing the posts in a nice straight line. Drive the posts into the ground directly under the wire, then walk back down the line attaching the wire to the posts. Attach any additional wires to the corner posts then connect them to the posts.

Download the guide to help you determine the size of posts that fit your fencing requirements.

Download Guide
Post SizePost Bundle SizeWeight per bundle (lb)Posts Per Mile
2-3 in. 6 ft.1601750SpacingPosts
3-4 in. 6 ft.115177012 ft.440
4-5 in. 6 ft.80183013 ft.406
5-6 in. 6 ft.50155014 ft.377
2-3 in. 7 ft.160240015 ft.352
3-4 in. 7 ft.115234016 ft.330
4-5 in. 7 ft.80220017 ft.310
5-6 in. 7 ft.50210018 ft.293
3-4 in. 8 ft.100280019 ft.278
4-5 in. 8 ft.70300020 ft.264
5-6 in. 8 ft.502350
6-7 in. 8 ft.352000
7-8 in. 8 ft.252000

4-5 in. 10 ft.603800
5-6 in. 10 ft.402300
6-7 in. 10 ft.303000
5-6 in. 12 ft.353100
6-7 in. 12 ft.303200
2-3 in. 16 ft. Tr. Rails1253500
3-4 in. 16 ft. Tr. Rails1005260